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How Does Panic Away Work and Can It Work for You Too?

In order to understand the answer to the question ‘how does Panic Away work?’, you must first comprehend the entire mechanism that triggers an anxiety episode.

how does panic away work

What is a Panic Attack?

A panic attack is basically a series of physiological reactions in our bodies, as a result of an external stimulus. First, there is commonly a sudden fear that is issued by being in an unknown situation or in some circumstances that the person perceives as being dangerous for him or her. As a result, the body will release a high level of adrenaline, which then triggers the so-called fight-or-flight response.

how does panic away work against panic attacksBasically, your body prepares for intense physical activity, your heart rate increases, your breathing accelerates and you start sweating rapidly. Because the physical activity that is expected fails to happen, you will experience a decrease in CO2 levels in the blood. These changes of the blood pH will provoke a series of symptoms associated with anxiety attacks like numbness, dizziness, nausea and lightheadedness.

Once the process begins, it is very difficult to control it and impossible to reverse it, this is why most medication and techniques only manage to make the situation bearable, but do not manage to eliminate the attacks altogether. By understanding what anxiety is, the way it affects the mind and the body, how and when you experience it, but most importantly, how you can eliminate fear and anxiety from your life, you will be able to control it and you will be cured. If you learn how to stop fear, you will eliminate both the anxiety and its symptoms.

That is why Panic Away works, where all other remedies fail. Because it is not a mechanism meant to help you cope with the situation, but is a method to eliminate fear altogether. Unlike other alternatives that teach you to breathe and relax, in order to calm your body, this new technique is designed to prevent your body from reacting in the first place.

So How Does Panic Away Work?

Panic attacks are part of a cycle of fear, which start with the first ever episode you have. This will leave a strong imprint on you and will cause additional fear, that will, in its turn, cause a new panic attack, thus establishing the cycle. Panic Away will teach you how to break this cycle, using one key factor: it will teach you to no longer fear the thought of a new anxiety episode. It teaches you to trick your anxious mind, so that your body and mind can begin to relax again. If your mind is no longer filled with anxious thoughts, than it is no longer stimulating the stress response, thus preventing a new episode. Basically, you learn how to stop and prevent panic attacks from occurring by not allowing your brain to get to the point that triggers the panic loop. You will stop fearing the idea of a new panic attack, and that will allow your mind and your body to relax.


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Panic Away works, because it is a psychological approach that has been adapted in an easy to understand manner and that can be applied by anyone. It is not some theoretical medical advice, it’s based on the experiences of a person that suffered through the same condition you did, who understands how difficult it is to live in fear and how important it is to be able to break free. It is the only remedy that can really help you, because it is the only one attacking the source of the problem – fear itself.

If you are tired of living in constant fear, hiding behind excuses, this is your chance to change something. Stop wondering ‘does Panic Away work?’ and get to action: try it and set yourself free.
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And remember, you can try it Risk-Free…

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